Atrium Concerts at Central Manchester Hospitals

Astrum guitar duo perform in the Eye Hospital

Astrum guitar duo perform in the Eye Hospital

Following on from a fantastic Autumn series, we’re delighted to announce the following artists in the Spring series;

*SPECIAL EVENT* 20 February @ 10.00am Royal Eye Hospital Atrium – The Daphnis Duo : flautist Holly Melia and harpist Alice Kirwan will be performing a 40-minute recital in the Atrium of the Royal Eye Hospital. This concert is part of RNCM’s 40th celebrations.

25th Feb @ 10.30am Royal Eye Hospital Atrium – Margaret Ferguson and Lauren Hibberd – Dubbed Africa’s Lady of Song, Margaret performs an array of jazz, swing, gospel, and songs from the shows. Her richly beautiful voice combines with a twinkle in the eye and a great warmth of spirit.

1st March @ 3.00pm Royal Eye Hospital Atrium – John Lancaster – The calming melodies of Indian classical music. John Lancaster will present a solo sitar recital of a specially chosen raga.

6th March @ 10.30am St Mary’s Hospital Atrium – Andy Oliver – a successful singer/ guitarist draws on his wealth of repertoire and depth of life experience to engage, connect and entertain.

15 March @ 3.00pm Royal Eye Hospital Atrium – Koraqueen – Holly Marland recently spent 6 weeks in the Gambia learning the Kora (West African Harp) with Hammay Saho, an extraordinary griot. Today Holly shares traditional songs in Mandinka alongside her own compositions.

19th March @ 10.30am RMCH Atrium – Kamey and Sam (singer and guitarist duo) – Kamey McNamara has a lovely warm personality and sings a mixture of recent chart hits with a selection of well chosen classics


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