Further Observations of this Summer’s Concerts by Sarah Williams

Sura Susso, Kora Player


The atmosphere was turned into something extraordinarily magical by Sura. The Kora (a west- African harp) was played so intricately. Warmth, joy and good feeling spread, as everybody in the atrium congregated to watch the beautiful melodies. Below, is a lady’s heart-felt drawing, of how she felt about music being made in the hospital.


I also believe that the health-giving properties of music are perfectly depicted in the picture below. Illustrating how a musical experience can bring people together and promote happiness…

2013-07-03 14.38.26


Greta -Nike Gasser and Amy Webber

Greta (pianist) and Amy (soprano) gave a wonderfully expressive contribution to the hospital.

The collaboration of these two superb individuals filled the atrium with a beautiful sense of communication. In an environment where many people are alone for an extended period of time, outpatients commented that:

“I hope you do it on a regular basis” and

“It is relaxing and takes your mind off things, I’ll come again!”


The soft willowy features of Amy and Greta fused with the graceful sounds, which they produced. This encompassed the entire room in a collective experience, despite the numerous individual experiences also taking place.


Andrjez Baranek Duo

Andrjez Baranek (pianist) and Gavin Barrass (bassist) shared an uplifting jazz-filled performance with the Eye Hospital.

Toes were tapping all around. People of all ages were stopping to observe the instruments and listen to the sounds. In awe of what was before them, a trio of toddlers stopped to absorb what was taking place.


The jazz beats allowed one to believe they were in a jazz café in the sun! Memories were evoked, along with thoughts of places other than the hospital.

 “I absolutely love it! Ever since I was young I remember loving jazz and this takes me back to then. Music like this is needed in a place like this hospital. It relaxes you, even if you don’t understand it.” Outpatient at the Royal Eye Hospital

The gentleman quoted above, hinted at music’s propensity to have an effect upon people, regardless of the varying nature of human beings. He placed emphasis on how music does not require specific knowledge to have a mutual impact upon individuals.

The sensory satisfaction of the music was highlighted by the gentleman below:

“I think it is brilliant. I’ve lost my sight in one eye and now the other eye is also deteriorating. So, this is wonderful. I’ve put off my lift by half an hour so that I can stay here and listen. It really is so therapeutic.”  Outpatient at the Royal Eye Hospital

Mark Mckenzie, pianist

Each song played by Mark McKenzie, was thoroughly uplifting. A range of well-known, heartening tunes imbued the room with a comforting musical cuddle!

The light and warmth of the day outside worked with the music to have a soothing effect. The heat of the sun and the beautiful music transmitted a feeling of ease.

“People are so uptight, worried about what will happen next and this just relaxes you so much. It is great. I hope he is here next Monday!” Outpatient at the Royal Eye Hospital

Nurses were humming along to the music as they went about their day, giving them an identity beyond one which their uniforms offered.

Martin Jacoby, pianist

Martin provided a lovely escape from the pitter-pattering of rain against the windows. On an otherwise gloomy day, he managed to provide a ray of light.

“It is like a breath of fresh air, it takes your mind off things, I love music” Outpatient.


 Liam Curtain’s beautiful selection of sounds brought some light into the room.


“I’ve never known of it before, it is very enlightening. I am waiting for the ambulance to pick me up and I don’t want them to come and spoil it!”  Patient at the Royal Eye Hospital

Robin Sunflower and Daniel Blomely

Robin sunflower, along with the excellent Daniel Blomeley, majestically utilised harmonicas of a range of sizes, as you can hopefully see from the picture below! People gathered around to enjoy the cheerful sounds.

 “I’ve really enjoyed the music. I’m really impressed about the choice of music and instrument. Very soothing and comfortable. Blends well with the acoustics in the environment. I guess more needs to be done in this area.” Outpatient in St. Mary’s Hospital

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