Fresh varieties of music in Manchester’s Royal Eye Hospital have been thoroughly appreciated

DJ Jomo Gaston, Pianist Peter Williams and Jazz Dancer Blu – 19/07/2013

An array of talent was delivered to the Royal Eye Hospital in the form of the DJ Jomo Gaston, Pianist Peter Williams and the Jazz Dancer, Blu.

Activating the senses, the positive beats and smooth, expressive, interactive, stylish and soulful dancing filled the space with life. The communication offered by the dancing, created an opportunity for those within the vicinity to be acknowledged and in turn for them to acknowledge another person’s captivating actions.


“Well done, this is really great – I am supposed to be sitting in a waiting area further away, but the music really drew me in and it is great to see such enthusiasm. Seriously, well done.” Outpatient at Royal Eye Hospital

“I’ve just told my friends to come, it reminds me of New Orleans – such a great idea!” Outpatient at Royal Eye Hospital

A young toddler with two family members, made their way towards the exit. The toddler extended her arm and made a grabbing motion with her hand towards the trio of artists. This led to them returning from the exit and taking a seat to spectate and absorb the performance. Constantly smiling, clapping, reaching her arms into the air and cheering encouraging sounds, the toddler transmitted an air of joy to her family and the surrounding area.

Timothy Davidson, Gospel Piano – 22/07/2013

A seamless flow of soulful melodies formed an immersive environment for all to be involved in. The uplifting and inspirational sounds rolled naturally to build a musical soundscape. Without breaking, the music augmented to mesmerise everyone further.

2013-07-22 14.05.10

Each person kept their gaze fixed upon the musician as they entered the building. Something was thus provided to nurture people’s passionate side, external to the white walls and bleeping machines.

“I love this music so much. I was about to have an argument with somebody just now, then I heard this music and something changed. Now I am listening to this instead of arguing and I feel soothed.” Outpatient at Royal Eye Hospital

“This music really lifts you; I am staying here longer because it has made me feel better.” Outpatient at Royal Eye Hospital

“It is amazing, it is good to listen to music, thank you” Outpatient at Royal Eye Hospital

“It is lovely and soothing, thank you.” Outpatient at Royal Eye Hospital

“It is just beautiful, lovely.” Staff member at Royal Eye Hospital

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