Observations by Sarah Williams

Yuanfan Yang, Friday 26th July 2013, 2pm, Royal Eye Hospital

The Royal Eye Hospital was truly blessed with a breath-taking performance by the profoundly skilled, award-winning Pianist, Yuanfan Yang.

“The music is sublime, it is so therapeutic. It calms you down. If you are angry, it reduces that!” Outpatient at Manchester’s Royal Eye Hospital.

People were stopped in their tracks, dumbfounded by the beautifully evocative sounds produced by this sixteen year old. His repertoire was traditional yet innovative, with his own personality contributing to the perfect performance.


Transfixed by the sounds, individuals gazed at the musician. One gentleman, glued to the spot in which he stood, refused to stop watching the music, even after multiple family members had beckoned him outside. Any burdensome thoughts, or issues, within that day could wait for a moment. Take a back seat.


A lady who also seemed to be unable to make her way to the exit, passionately applauded, shaking her head with respect and appreciation for the music. Upon speaking with this woman, I soon learnt of her musical background, which was ended when the war took over. Her involvement in music went back to when her late father and late husband were alive, being keen musicians themselves.

Her passion was visible with her wide eyes and tendency to squeeze my hand whilst in conversation.  A plethora of memories were evoked for this woman and consequentially a multitude of emotion. She stated that:

“I now live alone and will be thinking of this musical experience until I go to bed tonight”

expressing the comforting nature of music and how it is able to endure beyond one space and one time to create a unique experience for each unique human being.

She went on to say:

“Honestly, this music has warmed my soul. He [the pianist] has made an old woman very happy, please tell him this. I want to hug and kiss him, but I’m sure that would embarrass him”

Along with the memories that intertwine with music, comes the altered mood state which shines through from the above quote, and the sense of closeness towards others. Music can make you happy!

Further expressing their experiences of the music, are the following quotes:

“The music is sublime, it is so therapeutic. It calms you down. If you are angry, it reduces that!”

“I am so impressed, more please, come again”

“The music is so lovely, it is cooling me.”


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