Eyes and Ears – 12 October, Royal Eye Hospital


Join Expert musicians from the Youth Music Funded programme at Central Manchester University Hospitals, working alongside RNCM Music for Health students bringing you a sensory sound exploration in the atrium space of the Royal Eye Hospital in Manchester on Saturday 12 October from 5pm as part of Manchester Weekender. Experience the hospital through music that responds to you and the hospital environment!

Further details here


2 thoughts on “Eyes and Ears – 12 October, Royal Eye Hospital

  1. Can I suggest you change the background on this blog site as soon as possible, as at present nothing is readable, it is not possible to read a whole line of text without scrolling up and down I imagine it would be even worse if you have problems with your vision. Thank you.

    • Hey Valerie, thanks for this, I think it comes up funny on the CMFT server as Colette from the library commented on this as well. I’ve taken the background image away, does that help? Hope you’ll be able to come along on Friday to Project Jam Sandwich!

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