Medical Students Explore their Practice Through Creativity

A pilot project with 3rd year medical students from Manchester University took place between the 18th June and 11th July with Lime Music for Health. 4 students were selected using a computerised selection procedure from a group of 54 students who applied, with a view to biannual month-long courses involving up to 8 students being developed next year. The students have spent time working with the music team on wards at RMCH, as part of LIME’s ongoing music programme linked to The Department of Therapeutic and Specialised Play, and have taken part in making music with patients, families and staff.

Sessions have given students the opportunity to look at the role music can play as part of the wider therapeutic service and through regular visits the group have had the chance to converse with Giggle Doctors, Children’s Entertainers and Play Staff. As well as working with the music team at LIME, the students have worked with visual artist Dawn Prescott, a member of the LIME team, and composer /producer Gary Lloyd. The PEP is supervised by Dr Julia Humphreys at The University of Manchester

Through their experiences on the course the students are exploring how medicine can be expressed through different art forms and are actively encouraged to develop their own creativity. They will produce a creative lay document at the end of the project; each student has chosen different media to express their interests including cartoons, an illustrated explanatory music leaflet and a spoken word and music piece.

“It’s so refreshing to be able to express ourselves using creative methods outside of medicine. I have been encouraged to think differently about music and reflection whilst engaging my mind in activities that have changed my approach to healthcare as a whole.” Chris

“I have found this entire experience to be very unique and genuinely very enjoyable. It provides a brilliant opportunity to flex our creative muscle, which is in stark contrast to the usual livelihood of a medical student. If I could do this past the 4 weeks allocated, I definitely would.” Abs

“This has been a truly fantastic experience. It highlights the importance the humanities play on both patients and healthcare professionals. We have been encouraged to think creatively, which is something that I feel I can apply to the clinical setting in the future.” Corty

“This, so far, has been a very exciting and wonderful experience unlike anything else I have done within my clinical year in Manchester. It is, as cheesy as it might sounds-like a breath of fresh air after months of struggling with our medical curriculum. Coincidently, the PEP started just a few days after our final examination, so it feels great doing something different for a change. Besides that, visual art and music are few things I have interest in other than medicine and it is really great that I can do something which combines them together.” Nabila

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