Feedback highlights

Feedback from the Lunchtime Concert Series in the Eye Hospital

March 2015

Cupids Bow Cello Duo

(Gentleman coming over to sit down)  “May I sit here at the front?  I can’t see very well but I can certainly hear!”

 A researcher who works for the University – up on the 5th Floor – isn’t on the  NHS staff intranet so came upon the concerts quite by chance and now comes all the time.  “I always come down now when the music’s on – and go back to the office refreshed.  It really helps to de-stress.  And you can see on the patients’ faces the difference that the music makes.  When there’s none on (music) I can see them biting their nails, looking at their watches, sighing.  When the concerts are on they look over, look interested, don’t seem as fed up or worried.”

A little boy dancing – he and his father stayed for about 20 minutes… “Thank you so much!”

 A patient sitting waiting for his appointment “Well I know where to come now for a concert!” (grinning)

A Doctor from Nepal – working here for three months: “It’s very different in Nepal.  I work in a very different health system.  The music here is a great idea.  Relaxing and soothing.  I’m working in the Children’s Hospital and have come over especially for the music today.”

 A patient from Walkden:  “Makes a change from just sitting here.  We can be here ages sometimes.  Once we arrived at 7.30 in the morning and didn’t get home until 3.30pm.  It felt like we’d done a full day’s work!”

 Another lady exclaiming and smiling “Wow – Rock Around the Clock on cello!”

 Staff who comes regularly to the concerts: “I’ve just picked up my violin for the first time in over a year!”

 Patient “I’m not meant to be on this floor – meant to be on C Clinic but I’ve stayed here because of the music.  It’s made me feel so much more relaxed – I’ve been really enjoying it.  I was so worried before and it’s made me feel better.”

 Staff (IT) “Fantastique!  Très bien!  It makes it more friendly.  You walk into the hospital and feel the music.  Et voila!”

 Patient “Yes, I’m quite impressed.  It makes a difference – I normally come to these places and hear nothing.  It’s taken me to another place.  I was somewhere else then.”

 Patient “So soothing.  Better than staring at the walls.  It’s the first time I’ve been here and heard music.  Really enjoying it.”

 Staff “People are drawn towards the music!  You can see them stop and gather round.”


A Selection from February 2015

John Ellis – 9th February

“It’s absolutely glorious! We heard it as soon as we walked in the door and it really lifted our spirits. I like to be where there’s music. Usually we come on a Thursday so we didn’t know it was going to be on.”

The Charleston Charlies 11 February

Staff: “The music moves people away from the sterility of the hospital environment –  from waiting times, appointments etc… and it certainly livens things up!  The patients love it.  There’s been lots of great feedback.”

Patient: “These guys are better than medicine!  I’m meant to be in there {points to side clinic} but they said I could wait out here and listen and they’d call me in when they need me.  These guys are great.  Why not, eh?  Life’s miserable enough!”

Stringboxes, 6th and 20th February

Patient: “I came feeling unwell but now I feel much better!”

Patient: “The acoustics are incredible!  It’s like being in a posh hotel in another country.  What an atmosphere!”

NHS worker: “It should be sold to the staff as music therapy to get them all to come down. It really clears your head, I just came down to de-stress between meetings.”

Rachel Holden/Charlie Ingham, 16th February:

Member of staff (MRI) “I love it!  That’s why I’ve come down.  I’ve enjoyed it all.  There’s none I’ve not liked!  It’s relaxing for staff and the patients.  It makes a change from sitting in my own department – it’s nice to get away and not be mithered for a bit.  And the Eye Hospital is such a wonderful space.”

Patient:  “We’ve just got here.  Think it’s great.  Relaxing.  It takes our mind off what we’re doing here.  We’re here for such a long time, it makes a difference to the day.  There’s a lot of people sitting worrying – the music takes it off you a bit.”

Adam Hutchins, 18 February:

Staff: “It gives the patients something to focus on – and good for the staff too.  It’s a break from the norm.  All live music is good music.  Far better than radio or recorded music.”

Patient: “It’s a lovely surprise. I was just here to see a consultant and when I came out I heard the lovely piano music. It’s a good thing to have and in a good space as well. It can be quite depressing otherwise, there should be more music playing all the time.”

Leo Strings Quartet, 23rd February:

Patient: “It’s a lovely idea, lovely.  Their choice of repertoire is very clever – light and familiar to suit most people’s tastes.  It’s like Palm Court Orchestras  The space, the plants, the music… I can really relax.”

Patient: “I was on my way out but came back in especially.  It changes the mood entirely!  Brightens the whole room!”




our favurite feedback from our Sempre conference presentation!

Our favourite feedback from the Sempre conference presentation!

This beautiful picture was made for Emma, one of our apprentices, after the musicians visited children on the dialysis ward

This beautiful picture was made for Emma, one of our apprentices, after the musicians visited children on the dialysis ward

29/1/2014  A mum writes about her daughter’s enjoyment of Music for Health  working by the bedside, on the ward:

” Disabled daughter responded very positively to these sessions. They lifted her mood, made her smile, made her move her body. Was lovely to see as a parent the fantastic impact these sessions have.”


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