Musicians on the wards

A big part of our work involves regular visits to wards  at The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.   When we visit we can find ourselves involved in all sorts of music making: singing lullabies to babies, nursery rhyme sessions with toddlers, creative impromptu composition sessions using the Music for Health percussion instruments to make new  soundscapes, and creating immediate music using child centred approaches that enable communication and interaction. We work with lots of patients in a day, and their families, and sometimes see the same patients again over time, meaning we can build up a little sound diary of the music we make together.  We never know what to expect, but every time we visit the hospital wards we can see how music can be a help to children in hospital.  Keep an eye out for our updates of work on the wards, and the music made for, by, and with the children and young people at the hospital.

Autumn 2013 –  student training and new projects

It’s been a busy time for us as we start two Youth Music projects – Songbirds ( see the Songbirds page) and our second phase of Medical Notes, which brings back our three original trainees plus three new apprentices – our team is growing! Through a step by step programme of training and ward work, the musicians will help to build our programme at the Children’s Hospital, as we work on both well established wards and start to open doors to new ones.

Our work with the RNCM continues: Ros  and Mark  delivered a 3 day intensive training  in October:

” 16 RNCM  students ( UG &PG) were involved – 5 of whom will go on to take placements at Seashell Trust;  the rest will be taking up placements at the Children’s Hospital. Cecily Smith, one of our original YM trainees, supported us in the training. We received very positive comments from the students who took part and  we are really looking forward to seeing them develop their skills with us at the hospital.

Here’s what they told us:

”  Just want to say thankyou so much for the fantastic training sessions… I really, really enjoyed it. I felt the training was really appropriate and it was taken at the right speed for newbies!”

” Many thanks for such an inspiring few days this week. It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to get involved some more.”

We see training and mentoring as an essential part of our programme and are pleased to be able to give conservatoire musicians the opportunity to explore communicative music making from a new perspective.”


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